Challenge #02750-G193: What Evil Sows...

Human's blood is a well-known weapon. Full of leucocytes ready to protect human body from disease and foreign invaders. While used on other forms of life it can act like acid; burning and destroying skin. Blood isn't a cheap thing, because selling it is forbidden everywhere. But black market found a way to produce enough blood to gain on it — blood farms. Cages where humans are drugged so they won't fight back. Everything begins to fall apart when one of farm workers didn't drug their victims and humans finally started to realise what is happening around them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: It isn't just the acid and the leucocytes, Human blood is loaded with pathogens that breed once removed from the body and left in certain conditions. Look up forensic cleaning sometime if you really want to learn about the nasties that happen because of blood spatter. Offensensitivity warning for drug use in the story below.]

Humans are Deathworlders. This is known. Their very bodies are factories of pathogens in multiple forms. Their mouths are cesspools of bacteria. Their bodily fluids are acidic. As for their blood... it is truly a font of chemical warfare. Even a healthy Human's blood is loaded with pathogens, antibodies, enzymes and so forth. A biological cornucopia that's one crucial tilt away from attacking its own host in confusion. All of this is known.

If someone could find a way to create in abundance what a Human body does naturally, they could reign in terror over multiple Havenworlder, and even normal Galactic worlds. This, too, is known. There are unethical sorts who will sell Humans to interested parties... some of them are also Human. This, despite everything, is known. The CRC repeatedly attempt to stop them, but there are always more.

Given all this, it was no surprise that a facility like Rapture Farms would arise. Take one Greater Deregulation, rife with dissidents who do not like living in a world where even clean air is taxed. Add a pinch of knowledge, which is always a dangerous thing. Stir well with the Dunning-Kruger effect, and you inevitably get Rapture Farms.

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