I want to murder my spouse a little bit...

I want to run a software on my main compy. Before I can run said software, I needed to upgrade to the new OS. I could not do that because the SSD was fried. That's fixed for a limited definition of "fixed" but... Now I need to restore from backup.

In order to restore from backup, I need my Drobo in working order.

In order for my Drobo to work, it needs a new case as the old one is major-league borked.

Beloved: "Okay, I'll get you one."
Me: "Cool. I know it's a process so keep me updated on that."

Today rolls around and nothing from the love of my life.

Me: "Any way to track that Drobo?"
Beloved: "There's none in Australia."
Me: "I knew that was a possibility, so how's the order in from overseas?"
Beloved: "I didn't order it. It's going to take longer because plague."
Me: "I knew it's a process and I don't mind waiting as long as it's ordered."

This human bean was prepared to wait for the end of the world while my main compy is Schrodinger's Bricked because of a slight delay in mail order.

I do not need these levels of shit in my life right now. This is the textbook example of homicidally annoying. So firkin annoying that murder is starting to look like an attractive option.

I'm not about to actually commit domestic abuse, but Powers DAMN it... An ounce of patience pays off in these situations. Firkin HELL, love...

The Muppet has secret police detaining protestors now. He's acting in clear violation of the very constitution he said he'd protect, and the fanboys are letting him because it's letting them stay in power.

He's also ignoring advice to shut down some states to contain the plague because he's hoping the 'right' voters die. All the better to have all the power.

The vast majority of despotic dictators die horribly.

Either (a) at the hands of revolutionaries, (b) at their own hand to avoid the inevitable consequences from losing their fight, (c) in madness and feculence, or (d) in fear of consequences reaching them. It's not pretty, folks.

There's one plague case in Queensland, so we're back to Day Zero today. A person was already sick on a cargo ship and had to come to hospital. The rest of the boat is being monitored intensely.

As I said. I don't need these levels of shit in my life.