Challenge #02751-G194: You and Your Hobbies

The human got a job at a rather busy space station as an IT person and as a structural engineer. They did a lot of work with computers and with keeping up maintenance on this place. But when they signed the contract, they had an unusual clause, one that, it was discovered, they always asked for no matter what place they worked. Their quarters must be at least twice to three times the size of normal crew quarters. This was not too big a problem, but curiosity got the better one of one of the haven-worlders on staff who came to visit. Inside it was like they stepped back in time. A large loom in one area with a half-finished rug on it, a floor harp sitting by a very unusual, if small, canopy bed, wooden bowls and cups, a fake fire burning in an artificial fireplace, and there was the human, sitting by illumination of a fake candle, just bright enough to read by, writing a letter using an old-fashioned dip-quill and ink bottle. -- DaniAndShali

Humans are strange. They have their odd little ways about things in general and what particulars they have in peculiarity. Other cogniscents would have things the other way around, but that's Humans for you.

One such example was Human Bee. They worked mostly as a technician with assorted computers and some structural engineering when necessary, but their particular peculiarity was a set of personal quarters twice the size of the standard residence for a singular Human. Speculation, naturally, abounded. Humans had concealed family and friends in the fear that their discovery would lead to retribution, or through some desire to help their pack-mates escape a terrible existence.

A Human protecting a fellow Human and pack-mate from even imagined retribution would not reveal the presence of such until they were close to death, and despite repeated assurances, would continue such practices for as long as they could. The most famous example was the Trent Twins' Two-For-One Sale, which continued for the better portion of a decade before their discovery as two beings instead of one. Therefore, the crew of Distant Star Station suspected that Human Bee might be concealing a pack-mate in their quarters. The next problem was how to broach the subject.

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