Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrinky Shenanigans

I derped, yesterday, and mistook the date of my shrink appointment for yesterday instead of today. Fun. So now I have more leftover anxiety to flop around about on Date Night. Yay.

I may or may not write about my first encounter with possible sexual assault later today. My shrink and my Beloved will be the only people who get a direct link.

In other news, a very dumb American state has passed a bill to "protect women" by... (reads the smudged notes on my hand) ...letting grown-ass men look at little girls' labias before letting those girls play girl sports. Yay??

TERFs reckon this is a bold step forward in protecting women's sports from transgirls by... letting men invade little girls' private parts.

They're also backing Witch Hunt tactics by letting "real women" report anyone: (a) mannish, (b) not femme enough, (c) too darn femme, (d) weird, or, (e) just unpopular; as "actually trans" where they have to run the full gamut of physical inspection, gene testing, hormone testing et cetera in order to get themselves certified "genuine wombyn(tm)" with an identity card and everything. They may or may not have to report five to ten other people as "actually trans" in order to get their card. Details are unclear.

Theydies and Gentlethem, things are going to get MESSY because of this Real Science(tm) and not what the TERFs all learned in third grade.

I am angry on the behalf of all little girls who discover that they are "really boys" based entirely on some arbitrary bullshit before they've had a chance to learn by themselves who they really are.

I am genuinely praying that this thing ends up eating itself as several militant TERF "genuine wombyn(tm)" fail their own fucking purity tests. tweet about this went entirely without comment from anyone -_- SIGH. At least Beloved liked it.

I am spending the rest of my morning psyching myself up for the Shrink thing. And most of my afternoon melting down about it.

And then it's fun times with my lovely wifey.