Challenge #03447-I159: Milestones and Progress

The adult Bubs speaks to an interviewer for a podcast who wants to know how she came to grow up with the family she had. What happened to her birth family, and what she did now for a career. -- Anon Guest

I don't really remember my place of origin that much. Just little things. Like how differently it smelled and how unclean it was. I remember being afraid of adult humans for quite a while. I was nonverbal my entire first year in a proper school.

Yeah. I know it's not funny. I laugh so I don't cry. I've been through some [EXCREMENT] and no lie. The nightmares are so rare that they're calendar events, now.

I remember Korprat as like a combination deity and boogeyman. If I was out of line or did something the adults didn't like, Korprat was going to turn me into burgers. Or chop me up for a bawdyhole. It was never explained properly what that was. Not until I reached a certain age.

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