Wednesday, Day Zero, Wordpress

Fifteen active cases in total. All from overseas. All in quarantine. New South Wales is entering that twenty-eight day milestone of no in-community transmission. Which means Queensland can relax about travellers from NSW at long freaking last.

Victoria seems to be treating this seriously as well. Huzzah.

I woke up at one in this morning and I have a PTA thing involving Chaos' future path in life. She's good at making cryptids now, but IDK about doing a career out of that. Do Wizards of the Coast have offices in Australia? Would they take a critter engineer with a learning disorder?

Stranger things have happened, and I have zero factual anchors for goals to shoot for. We shall see how this all plays out together.

In the news:

  • Muppet's twitter briefly taken over by a rational person who clears the path towards Biden transition into office
  • Biden long-term staffers not liking the state of things
  • Minks can carry the plague
  • Things are getting weird in vaccine-land, with the Oxford vaccine being more effective if you get half a dose before you get the full one. Shades of homeopathy? Or some weird thing on top of all the other weirdness involved in this loony year?
  • China takes over disputed turf by just moving a village in, then deletes the tweet about it
  • SA's pizza parlour cluster the result of locals' complacency and the result will be even stricter procedures
  • PPL are screaming that the "no jab, no fly" Qantas policy won't work
  • Pizza worker who lied and spread Covid now deeply sorry
  • Temperatures in Aus could reach above 50 Celcius
  • Tensions between China and Aus continue
  • Big shock, the ppl screaming about Qantas' announced policy are antivax
  • Severe storms slated for QLD
  • Muppet allies now calling him and his efforts a "national embarrassment"

It's almost 4AM, let's see how much I can get done before other things are necessary.