Challenge #02877-G320: Just Because You Can...

time to get spooky -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video linked is some very clever stop animation and I do NOT believe those are actual organic pumpkins. That would be WAY too involved for a piece of art that took months to make. Double cleverness is inventing Halloween lyrics to fit in with Hall of the Mountain King]

Human creativity knew no bounds. One of their favourites was creating the impossible. Inanimate vegetable matter should not have expressions. Once carved to have expressions, it should not move and speak. Humans make it happen anyway. One way or another.

This first example was motion made using a series of still images. The oxymoronic technique called stop motion. Persistence of vision was just one trick. They could use latex, mechanisms, and sundry waldoes to make it appear like vegetation was moving. They made it look plausible, which was always disturbing in a multitude of ways.

And yet, not nearly as disturbing as this particular example of gengineering. A team of scientists sat down and thought this through as an intellectual exercise and then someone went on a manic creative spree and now... now a plant was bumbling around an enclosure. It grew lianas very quickly, pulling its central body towards food sources or water. The beaming team leader said, "I know you might have questions..."

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