Thursday, Day One, now whut?

Well, we have something resembling a PLN. We have some things we can do to help Chaos reach her goals. Part of which involves giving her things to try.

I just put some investment in it. Chaos now owns a copy of Garry's Mod which is the easiest CG animation program out there, as it has pre-arranged assets that anyone can use. Hopefully, Chaos has some fun with that.

If not, we know what she doesn't like. Progress involves missteps and $10 for the easiest animation program to use is a fairly small loss if it comes to that.

In the news:

  • Thanksgiving could be renamed Plaguesgiving thanks to millions of Americans travelling for their holiday
  • Red hats in US still believe the election was stolen
  • ScoMo says vaccine could be incentive to travel
  • Little Woolies introduces a queue tracker app
  • UK teen unaware she was pregnant has baby girl
  • This year's heatwave in Aus is going to exceed human tolerance levels. That's fifty celcius to the uninitiated

I'm going to re-offer our air conditioning and spare room to MeMum because this summer is going to be unbelievable.

It's still spring.