Wednesday, Day Zero, Fuddlenoggin

I woke up in the wee small hours this morrow and realised I'd forgotten to post the public Patreon thing... and then I realised that chapter three contains a slur. Used more than once.

Yeah, so it's four in the morning and I'm having some anxiety about that. Nevermind that absolutely nobody reads my firkin Wordpress nonsense. This is the sort of thing that gets someone up in arms some many years later when and if fame ever lands upon my brow.

It's an alpha draft. It exists to be fixed. By definition, there is room for improvement. While I welcome constructive criticism and helpful hints, I'm not here for people leaping down my throat about stuff. So. If you decide to leave a comment, please be nice. Thanks.

For the record, I tested negative for Covid-19. A sniffle was just a sniffle. Yay.

My head is clear, apart from some lingering sniffoos, and my lungs are doing the Clinker Thing(tm) in which gobbets of nastiness are wont to get ejected at semi-regular intervals. Fun.

I have Max installed at my workspace and plenty of meds thanks to some nonsense regarding getting new prescriptions. I don't need to worry about supplies for a hot while and that might be a good thing given the insanities as they progress. Last I checked, there were still nineteen active plague cases in Sunny Queensland. I haven't been keeping track of the other states and this time of year is PEAK for plague spreading. Karens or no Karens.

Let's get on with today's story so I can go hide behind fanfiction for the rest of today.