Challenge #02898-G341: A Steep Ask

“Although I don’t use many of my fighting skills anymore I do use some,” the human chuckled. “Some?” My questions was almost immediately answered as the human disappeared right in front of me and appeared behind me. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have been reminded of Human Twii but this could be quite a number of Humans in my pet universe. I might think up a new one. Let's see]

Legends of Humans reach the places that Humans have not yet reached. Unlikely, improbable, unbelievable, and yet, inevitably proven with undoctored footage. The most concerning were the legends of immortal Humans who set out to master every single combat technique that those Deathworlders had ever made reality.

There were older, more worrying legends of Humans who could become invisible, appear in impossible locations, run across deep liquid water, and otherwise work the impossible. Some even seem to have powers that defy gravity, according to the tales. Watching some in motion, it is easy to believe.

The art always depicts them as tall, super-muscular, and unbelievably buff. Therefore, it's more than a little of a surprise to meet a real one. They're inevitably smaller than expected. Wiry rather than bulky. Most often, they're also softly-spoken. Such a one working the Edge was Human Jak.

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