Challenge #02898-G341: And Not a Bite to Eat

On a planet where eating meat was so illegal that even replicated meat grown in nutrient vats can mean prison time, the deathworlder's ship landed heavily. Fortunately, they got the whole ship down and hadn't needed a life pod, but repairs were going to take months. However, hearing the strict law against eating meat on this planet was going to be a problem. While meat replacements worked for a small amount of time, they needed actual meat to survive or they would, quite literally, starve to death. Their species were almost pure carnivore. For a while, he tried to hide the nutrient growth vats where meat was grown for consumption, but the planetary officials in the area where his ship was soon learned of it. -- DaniAndShali

Good news, bad news, good news, bad news... around and around it went. Harro didn't know how to feel about it. Bad news, a micrometeor got past her Hungry Caterpillar by being sharper than the gathering maw and the retaining, gathering tunnel beyond. It was also faster than any of the other 'mouths', and thereby pierced her hull in a critical place. Good news, she was flying near a habitable planet and could actually survive to get there.

Bad News, it was going to be a close call. Good news, the planet was inhabited. Bad news, by people who considered her anathema. Good news, she could survive the soft landing. Bad news, barely, and by sacrificing large portions of the ship. Good news, there were enough resources to rebuild the ship and get away before the people here arrested her for being a carnivore.

Welcome to Plabarli. No carnivores allowed. Depending on how one measures the time, some centuries or millennia ago, Humans made a colony based entirely on having a clean herbivorous lifestyle. They therefore looked into bringing with them pollinators that would only pollinate because they wanted to, herbivorous pets, and all the things they might need to make their high dreams a reality. Eating meat, using animals at all, was the worst of sins. Needless to say, they were highly isolationist and very angry that their pure example had not lead the rest of the universe into their own virtues. They were especially offended by obligate carnivores.

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