Friday, Day Zero, No Bread

I have yet to feed my Starters. I have yet to unfuck the house. I have yet to not be distracted by nonsense enough to get on with the everyday.

So... typical for me.

When I'm done with this blog entry, I'll feed the Starters and get going on The Bikkie. Then I'll get going on the Instant. Which may or may not be interrupted by unfuckening.

There's fifteen active cases in Queensland. The number is going steadily down. Yay.

I have a lot to PLN for next week. Including gathering nibblies for the party. Whilst also dealing with the clinker. I'm still horking up mucous and I may have to send allies into the shops for the stuff I want to get.

I just freed my hand from Jolie's tyranny, so now I'm off to feed the Starters. Fiction soonish I should hope.