Challenge #02897-G340: Mistakes Were Made

The first thing they noticed was the running, stumbling humans, exiting a building. The second thing they noticed was that the humans that weren't too busy choking and gasping were shouting "put on your livesuits!" and "we need particle masks!"

Once the fire had been extinguished and the building was airing out, the story of What Happened This Time was told.

It was a story involving Carolina Reapers and a malfunctioning kitchen fan. Every human involved had the same thing to say at the end of it all: "It's a pity we had to get rid of everything. That salsa would have been delicious!" -- Anon Guest

Put two Humans in a room and they really need a sane supervisor -- Increasingly popular Alliance saying.

The Humans-Only kitchen was a wreck. On the plus side, the fire suppression systems worked, extinguishing any flame before it "got out of hand". Humans liked fire, sometimes a little too much, and had made art out of food that either caught fire in the process of making it or was served whilst combusting. They thought it was neat, and called it en flambee. The maniacs.

This was not a case of something being a little too "en flambee" for the Humans. This was beyond "a little grease fire". The environment inside the Humans-Only kitchen now scanned as uninhabitable owing to a combination of carbon dioxide, capsaicin, carbon monoxide, pepperin, and just plain carbon. At least one of the teary-eyed Humans had lost their eyebrows in the blaze. All of them were in a state of distress. Captain Throkk didn't really have to ask what had happened, but considered it necessary anyway.

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