Tuesday, Psych Day, Day Zero

Nineteen total cases. I would feel more comfortable about things if that number was in single figures again. How many times do we have to tell people that Holiday Travel during a time of firkin PLAGUE is a dumb-arse idea?

Infinity, dear readers. The answer is infinity. Because there is always some Karen somewhere who believes they are the special exception because they only eat vegan-farmed moonmelons from the southern slopes of Saskatchewan or whatever. Besides, getting what they want via whatever means necessary is way more important than... (checks writing on hand) the health and lives of thousands of other people. Right.

The Muppet is getting pointed out for only ordering some million vaccines for the US and failing to order any more even after it was too late to try. My more cynical side is wondering if he did this on purpose to make Biden look bad, since the consequences of this inaction will land after Biden's been sworn in.

I wonder what the Muppet will do about this if he gains his victory over the Electoral College and manages to keep his office? Probably blame the Dems anyway.


Still not looking at the news. I have a telehealth appointment with my shrink today and, given the current lurgi, I'm glad it's going to be over a zoom connection.

I took the Covid-19 test because I'm not That Idiot(tm)

Working on story now.