Challenge #02896-G339: Thanks For All the Fish

When Humans made first contact with life outside their solar system a new trend of people hungry for adventure and exploration appeared, who yearned for the vast unknown that lay before them. And they weren't the only species on earth who wanted a slice of that action...
But would the problems their kind had since the beginning hamper them from continuing into the future?
Could Werewolves travel beyond there moon without getting into a 'Hairy' situation? (Or any other moon for that matter?) Could Vampires withstand the boundless infinity of space, where it was both dark and full of solar radiation?
And could Fish People deal with the pressures of surviving without any Water Pressure? -- AmberFox

The biggest shock to the Human race when they broke the code to travelling relatively quickly between the stars was the fact that they were not the only intelligent life to want off their miserable little rock in the middle of nowhere. Humanity always imagined that they were being observed by intelligences far greater than their own, but they never imagined that those intelligences were waiting for the balding land apes to do something interesting.

You know. For a change.

Until the sub-telepathic signal of a hyper-jump initiation rang the world like a gong, the non-human entities on Earth kept themselves and their presence guarded. Now? Now they were coming out of the woodwork.

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