Monday, Day One, Lurgified

Let's be clear. There have been no community transmissions of the plague in Queensland for well over a month. That said, I have some variety of communicated crud and I am not going to be That One Karen to actually cause more problems than I aim to solve.

The caveat... If I want to go to the quack's about it, I have to phone up. Can't book with the app when you got lurgi symptoms. I get it. They need to prepare. Alas, since it is Monday, I am also least likely to get an appointment before Wednesday.


Yesterday, I felt truly horrible and slept most of the day. Today, I have the sniffoos and a head from hell, but at least I'm mostly cogniscent.


I'm not looking at the news today because Lurgi plus wet weather plus the stress of looking at the news is a little too much for my currently delicate constitution.