Wednesday - Day Three

I woke up at half-past one this morning and more or less forced myself to get back to sleep so now my morning is extra sluggish. I have zero ideas for today's wordpress wednesday, so it's probably going to be another Chapter Of...

I tried to make a tutorial for MeMum to install the search engine to beat Bing and because I was recording in a relatively empty house, my brain went into "everyone is asleep" mode, and I pitched my voice soft and -to MeMum- inaudible. Oopsy doopsy.

I'll try a Take Two on Thursday, and try to hack my noggin into thinking, "I'm recording for people" instead of "everyone's asleep". I'll try not to sound hostile because that's a thing that happens when I'm actively trying to be heard. Sigh.

Let's look at some of the insanity around the world:

  • One million people around Australia want mental health treatment for the lingering scars of lockdown. I'm with them on this one
  • Blowback from NSW's Premier's affair has just highlighted the sexism inherent in our culture because men are allowed to make mistakes but women are the DEVIL for a single slip-up 9_9
  • Rural Victoria is now having an outbreak
  • Victoria and NSW now sniping at each other over who has the most new cases
  • NSW has plans to help PUBLIC VENUES stay open in what is sure to backfire on them RSN
  • An accident that killed an apprentice in WA was apparently preventable as the union had raised some safety concerns
  • Televison "news" show A Current Affair nearly got a bloke killed by outing him as a police informant whilst he was in jail - and not a police informant
  • Pence finally talks about the fly on his head, saying he was unaware it was there. Like you don't hear a horsefly in the room? I know it's my ASD talking, but I instantly dot on to any small annoying noise, especially if it's moving
  • Multibillion-dollar flight industry crying because it has to take material goods to places instead of people. Boohoo
  • North Korea flexes on their enemies by showing off their big, shiny, fearsome... missile
  • China's decision to switch to green energy seen as an attack on Australia's coal industry. I dunno about you, but I called this happening ages back

Onwards to story-time. Onwards to Wordpress Wednesday. Onwards to making it through another day.