Wednesday, Day 2, Wordpress

There's prawns all over the place if you're willing to shop around, and I am willing to shop around. Unfortunately, I just looked at all the prices online and... yeah... Prawns cost the same no matter where you get 'em from.

So I'm gonna make sure I have a bunch of dosh and get a lot of the dang things. In one place. And then hide them and forget I have them until the next time I get ice cream because I'm actually thirty squirrels in a human skin.

Sourcing the rest of the Yule Feast will happen in other places. Golden Circle for some things, Aldi for others, and the occasional side-quest into Coles or whatnot.

A glimpse at the headlines:

  • China says Aus owes them an apology after clearly being the dick
  • World encouraged to buy Australia's wine as China adds tariffs
  • Jimmy Barnes says this is all Australia's fault
  • Continuing cataclysm of Muppet-ordered recounts only finding more votes for Biden
  • Once again we have to tell people not to leave kids/pets in cars while you're off in the shops
  • Monolith "mysteriously" taken away by a ute "mysteriously" appears in another country. It's not the same one, put the tinfoil away
  • Tensions continue to escalate between China and literally everyone else

I'm going to have to explain a thing or three about Lust of the Demon Lord because I have been changing things while writing it. Which is fun.

Needs a mondo edit and some major league rewriting. Maybe. I'll see how it holds together by the time I'm finally done. Despite appearances to the contrary, I am actually trying to keep it coherent.