Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague news: no new cases! Eighteen total active cases, with fourteen in hospital.

Today, I need to go forth and purchase for myself some tinned fish. Aldi is good for that.

BUT that will happen after I've posted today's story, and likely after I've fed everyone the latest instalment of my Tiefling's sad sad backstory.

I have (temporarily) run out of edits to work on for Adapting so I don't have to fret about that. Yay? But I still have to fret about getting the game boards set up and maybe seeing if I can get more than one discount on Toon Boom [that shit's expensive] so I can finally move on with SESP... I can work on Jumpstarted :D aka Destiny's Fools.

It's high time I did something with all these music videos in my head.

In the news:

  • According to the Taliban, the new name for Afghanistan is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Stop trying to make fleek happen
  • Bitcoin crashes
  • Tiger King star found dead at 53
  • New industry mandates the jab for all employees
  • Three sisters stabbed their pedo father do death. Good for them
  • People who are overdosing on horse dewormer are shitting their intestines out and calling it "rope worms". Lovely

It's almost Bus O'clock, so I shall be onwards with my nonsense.