Challenge #03148-H239: You and Your Hobbies

Humans live in a somewhat rustic colony, though they have contact with their Alliance friends and live happy lives. Some Havenworlders come down to study what life is like on worlds that have decided to eschew most technology, save for the very large, highly advanced, hospital kept well out of sight thanks to the treeline, though easy to access if needed.

Today, several individuals are making homemade soap and decided to show their Havenworlder tourists how such a thing was made in the historical past, from making the lye, to adding the fats and scents. -- Anon Guest

Everybody knows, on an intellectual level, that Humans are weird. Now and again, people need an empirical reminder of this fact. Such as: There are entire colonies dedicated to doing things "the old-fashioned way." This flies in the face of the concept of civilisation, where the primary goal was to get as far away as possible from the old-fashioned ways.

Many go there for holidays. A rare few -call them 'enthusiasts'- live there full time. They're happier earning their daily bread via the sweat of their brow. Though they do accept some modern conveniences. Such as a state-of-the-art medical facility with fast-flight ambulances and rapid comms devices to call them.

Rodd had come to visit a retired Human on his holidays. Done with exploring the universe, Human Gaz had commissioned a little cottage to get away from it all, and then they did. It was quite a thing to take a shuttle down to the planetary spaceport, and then a horse and buggy to Gaz's village. Gaz had advised him against the goat carts. In their words, "Those vicious little buggers'll have your hand off."

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