Challenge #03147-H238: Some Assembly Required

A traveling human with a few musical instruments with them is going from world to world, station to station, traveling across the alliance and even into the edge and beyond. Their goal? To learn the musical culture of as many various races as they can. To write a book all about a musical universe. -- Lessons

Her luggage wasn't as immense as many might think, given her life's goal. There were three changes of clothes[1] of bland similarity, and the rest of it was... parts. The bare minimum necessary to make a multitude of instruments. Some assembly required.

When the world of music can be divided into 'toot', 'whistle', 'plunk' and 'boom', then many instruments can be divided likewise. There is, after all, only so much one can do with tubes[2]. Make it so that they can be arranged in a multitude of ways, and you can have instruments for days.

Having the skills to play them is a gift that Human Lam possessed. She could play anything, anywhere, anytime... and frequently did. She was a one-person orchestra and made more than enough Time with various compilations containing assorted assemblies from her kit. That was, more or less, a day job. Her soul's goal was to find all the music, all the instruments. Documenting the culture and definitions of music across the known universe.

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