Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: five new cases, all imports. There's twenty total active cases, fourteen of those are in hospital.

I have a process for going through the edits for Adapting and it is thus:

Stage one - accept all the uncommented errata fixes.
Stage two - get through the commented ones until things are resolved
Stage three - repeat stage two until polished.

I can do stage one on the next chapter whilst refining the previous one to a mirror shine. Yay. And remind myself "it is not an attack, it is an improvement," until the gremlin centers of my brain FIRKIN ACCEPT THAT. Deesh.

The smalls situation is resolved, with improvements for the next time Beloved goes through my stuff like a whirlwind. It's a learning journey.

Currently, there's anxiety regarding the HRT [or "tit tac breast mints" as we like to say] and what to do when things occur or are prevented. I pln to take it in stride.

In the news:

  • Someone's declared that Australia's been defeated by Delta. Apparently all of Australia is just NSW and Victoria
  • 3YO Autiste found alive half a kilometer from where they were last seen. Some details about the case are sus
  • NSW hoarding Pfizer jabs
  • NSW Nurses warn that the hospitals are in crisis
  • Michael K. Williams dead at 54
  • ScoMo allowed to skate past quarantine by Scomo
  • 7YO's math question stumps the interwebs
  • Google Clock doesn't like people using Spotify for their alarms any more. Using the system sounds makes it work perfectly [I wonder if paying money for YouTube Music would also work but I refuse to pay to find out]

And now I have to unearth stuff for my Patrons, post my instant, work on my 500 words, make a phone call, work on my edits and MAYBE get going on SESP once I find out if I can get Toonboom for cheaper than usual.

Guess which one's going to be the least stressful for me.