Two Days!

Remember Tuesday's shenanigans that included an extended journey all around my neck of the woods? I've got the same shenanigans but no shopping trip.

I'm also re-logging into everything because I've switched from using Chrome to using Firefox. This in the hopes of taking some of the strain off of my poor dying compy.

A good nights' rest has helped my compy back on its feet for now. That's the good news. The bad news is that I still have to keep searching to get a repair slot for the dang thing. There is a place in St Lucia, but I am scared to go there, so it's a long debate with myself.

Grant Imahara is gone from this living world and it's sadder for his loss.

I made an attempt at updating the Minecraft server I've got. I failed. If Beloved awakes whilst I'm working, I might get their assistance. Or I could do some googling. Try everything I can find first... then do the asking for help thing. Fingers crossed.

I'm staying away from the news today, but the best part of the news is that we're two days plague free in the sunshine state. Huzzah. Here's to twelve more.

Honestly, after this week gone, two days feels like a massive win.

It's almost Bus O'Clock. Let's see if I can get anything into my novel this morning.