Challenge #02745-G188: Use Only as Directed

Sometimes, Humans do stupid Things. Most of the time, they work out well. However, only seldomly someone takes 30 Tabs of Pervitin (Meth) has an "Adventure" like this and lives to tell the Tale. -- Mike666

[AN: Link contains references to drug use and some side effects that should have honestly killed the dude. Also the GIF version of this story going around Tumblr is hilarious]

Humans hold some very interesting records. They also make some life-or-death decisions on the spur of the moment that could have resulted in death either way. Humans are also known for making some very interesting drugs. Some even have medicinal uses.

One thing Humans keep needing to remember - do not leave the entire squad's supply with one soldier. Also, teeny tiny bottles are not recommended in combination with combat-rated armoured gloves.

Human Steev certainly wished someone had remembered that one. Especially afterwards. The bad news was that he was separated from his squad, well behind enemy lines, and playing cat-and-mouse on Team Mouse. Never a good way to be. The good news, if one could call it that, was that Steev had the entire squad's supply of Stims. One per customer. Emergencies only. Rav took one on a bet during training and was unable to sleep for four days. They eventually passed out after claiming they could see the true meaning of the universe, and didn't remember that bit when they recovered forty-eight hours later.

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