Challenge #02744-G187: Did the Countenance Divine...?

WWII arrived and the British Women's Institute did the usual jam and knitted sock, but guest Speakers came in and they saw a different path to take . Many Women who went on to careers in Degrees said. "I heard about it at the women's Institute. Jerusalem was there theme hym "And did those feet..." -- Nonny Mouse

[AN: I went through this site trying to find what the heck you were talking about and found no such references. I can't spend all day down the rabbit hole so...]

You can't complain, we're at war! That was what they always said, but there was always a war. There were often times when it was unclear who they were at war with and, in Alis' less patriotic moments, she sometimes thought that their mighty nation might even be at war with itself.

It never did to say anything of the sort. That was treason. You couldn't say things like that out loud. Their mighty leader was a genius at strategy, the news always said so. So Alis said things like "mustn't grumble," or, "so many others have it so much worse." When it came to supporting the troops, Alis and so many like her were expected to do everything they could.

Their allotted land was for food that never ended its existence on Alis' table, nor anyone else's she'd heard of. It was all for the troops. The men who went away strong and fit and came back - if they came back - for conjugal visits during Ceasefire Month, or came back broken and barely useful for The Effort at all.

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