Tuesday, Patreon and Other PLNs

Miss Chaos is still coughing, and rumbling in the lungs, so she's staying home until the mucous is no longer an issue. Which means I have to call in after this bit is done to make sure the school knows she's still on the sick list.

Unless she gets chronic lung issues like I have, in which case it's Choose Your Mask, and wear that in public situations. I'm teaching her all of my dumb lung tricks, just in case.

...we may have to get her a humidifier in due time. Blargh.

My Kitty Cam broke, I'm having a Bad Air Day, and my schedule is chockers. Huzzah.

This stream just past was a horror for me. The nebuliser dose didn't kick in until AFTER I was done taking it in. And, in fact, until after the stream was done. I'm breathing a lot easier now. Thank the Powers.

BUT I still have to make sure that breathing happens. I do need air. Today's discovery includes the fact that the humidifier works so much better when there's water in it. Turns out we had a false tide mark that made it look like there was a lot more water in there than the reality.

After my Telehealth Shrink thingy, I have to capture Jolie to take her to the Vet's for a dental check-up. I also need to get the lead out on talking to the Doc about my stuff.

I hate making phone calls.

Onwards to story, onwards to Patreon. Onwards to everything.