Challenge #03445-I157: Artistic Enthusiasm

The human, excited for all the sugarcane, gets to work, on their off hours, refining it all and making paper and other products out of the sugarcane, as well as having far more than a hundred pounds of refined sugar to work with. This is gonna be fun! What to DO with it all?? -- The New Guy

Happy Humans are scary creatures. It's the cackling. It does it every time.

Human Thal had been making hand-cranked machines for days, now. Cackling in glee as progress continued towards an inevitable conclusion. For the record, the singing didn't help their crewmate's morale.

"Sugar... Ah, honey honey. You are my candy giirrRRRlll! And you got me wanting yooooooou..." Human Thal could not, as the Humans often said, hold a tune in a bucket. This did not stop them from trying. Under their hands and allegedly serenaded into existence, some scary-looking machines came into being.

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