Tuesday, Day Zero, Patreon

Queensland's closed its borders again because -join the chorus- entitled visitors from overseas have skipped past quarantine protocols and caused yet another outbreak down south.

One new case. Ten active cases. At least the potential for Karens is sinking.


There's mutation in Europe that has OF COURSE made its way to the USA because there's no such thing as safety protocols in the States. We may need a second vaccine. We may need a series of vaccines. For all we know there's a mutation stewing in the US... but keeping track of that is going to cost billionaires money they don't want to spend.

Then again, one dollar is money that billionaires don't want to spend. [/bitter]

The Muppet's now denying he ever wanted to initiate martial law to defend his space in the Whitehouse. [sings] Bullshit, that's all the band would play...

I have some Patreon Content to dish out and, depending on the time, cream to buy before I settle in and get going on today's tale.

Let's go.