Challenge #02902-G345: Escape By Mercy

They had nothing to give, no funds what so ever. With them was their youngest sibling, unable to move due to the injuries so severe that even the best medicine around could not fix it. Their only hope were the B'Nari. The sibling wept, feeling terrible because their beloved family was going through so much for them since the accident. But kept being assured that it was the least they could do since the injuries which caused the complete paralysis of the body was due to the heroic efforts the teen had gone through to save their family when the accident had occurred. But would the B'Nari be compassionate enough to give a new body for free to a family who was destitute and only able to go there due to the kindness of the freighter captain and a lot of luck? -- Anon Guest

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. When things are at their worst, there are those who are willing to do anything to save those near and dear to them. Mars' job had been to look after Lor. In a way, they were still doing that.

Lor had paid his ability to save Mars, and that wasn't the way things were supposed to work. After they had been dug out of the rubble, his paralysis was revealed. Mars had gone through rage, yelling, "You dumbass, I'm supposed to keep you safe," then bargaining, offering everything they had, including access to their body, to make Lor well again. It wasn't enough. You had to have Third Gold Yacht money to afford the stuff Lor needed.

Including the constant care that Lor needed, now that his body was wrecked. They did what they could afford, with bracers and plaster and -yuck- adult didies. But what Lor needed most was someone there to take care of it all. The family would starve without every pair of hands working to pay all the bills. They had to beg to make ends meet.

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