Challenge #02903-G346: Don't Do It

Five Times Human Pib got Stuck and Needed to be Rescued, and One Time Human Pib did the Rescuing. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Mandatory callback link Which is but one tale among many.]

Fact: The Humans aboard the Jaunty Merchant had reproduced. This was not a great impact on the functioning of the ship as a whole until their spawn, a Human named Pib, learned to move around independently. Human Pib, in short succession, learned problem-solving skills and fast became a problem for the rest of the crew.

Fact: Human Pib was, in the words of their parentals, "a flakking little Houdini." This, the crew soon found out, meant that Human Pib had a knack for circumventing increasingly intricate security protocols and escaping their domicile habitat when they were bored. Or when they were curious. Or when they missed someone. Or when they wanted to find someone funny.

Fact: There were numerous times when Pib's ambition to get somewhere outstretched their ability to return to relative safety. This, of course, lead to the impromptu Pib Rescue Team. On the plus side, it did explain why the Humans Orgo and Lun complained about being tired all the time. Keeping up with a larval Human was a full-time occupation for a team of five at best. At least, that was the consensus of the Jaunty Merchant's crew.

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