Tuesday - Day One

Second Tuesday of the holidays and the magnifying glass is turning towards a specific area in Western Australia as a concerning cluster that seems to be recirculating the plague. Fun. Our last case may have come from there.

A woman in Melbourne has no idea how a tapeworm got into her brain. For real and the blaming of foreigners is right there in the article. Me? I would be looking into whether or not she's one of those weirdoes who eats 'rare' chicken or pork. Hashtag unsafe cookery.

A billionaire criticised plans to lower Australia's carbon emissions by whining about who was expected to pay for it. Spoilers, he doesn't want it to be him. At least he's on the side of renewable energy rather than blatting on about the nuclear option.

The Muppet's tax reports are public at last and -whoops- he might be guilty of tax fraud. What a "winner". Dude has $400 million in loans and they're due in the next four years. Now I'm wondering if he was planning to write a pardon for his own debts. Of course he's honking about fake news. Like the IRS would make something up for cheap thrills.

I've started today with the same cyclone headache as yesterday, and Beloved shall be working, so I will write my Instant and then chill out to watch some Critical Role. I hear Molly's come back from the dead... maybe. Well, his body's certainly walking around and talking. Who's in there is up for debate. He's been other people before.

D&D - It's needlessly complicated!

We like it that way :D

Onwards to today's little tale. Optimism flavoured, I hope.