Challenge #02819-G262: A Ghost of Hope

✋︎♐︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ♋︎❒︎♏︎ ❒︎♏︎♍︎♏︎♓︎❖︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎📪︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎ ❍︎♋︎⍓︎ ♌︎♏︎ ⧫︎♒︎♏︎ ♐︎♓︎❒︎⬧︎⧫︎ □︎❒︎ ●︎♋︎⬧︎⧫︎ ⧫︎♓︎❍︎♏︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎❼︎❒︎♏︎ ♒︎♏︎♋︎❒︎ ♐︎❒︎□︎❍︎ ❍︎♏︎📬︎ ✋︎♐︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ♒︎♋︎❖︎♏︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎ ⍓︎□︎◆︎ ❍︎◆︎⬧︎⧫︎ ⬥︎♋︎■︎⧫︎ ⬧︎□︎❍︎♏︎⧫︎♒︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ♐︎❒︎□︎❍︎ ❍︎♏︎📬︎ 👌︎♏︎♐︎□︎❒︎♏︎ ♋︎■︎⍓︎❍︎□︎❒︎♏︎ □︎♐︎ ❍︎⍓︎ ♎︎♋︎⧫︎♋︎ ♌︎♏︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ♍︎□︎❒︎❒︎◆︎◻︎⧫︎♏︎♎︎📪︎ ❍︎♏︎♏︎⧫︎ ❍︎♏︎ ♋︎⧫︎ -- Anon Guest

[AN: Provided translation - "I︎f︎ y︎o︎u︎ a︎r︎e︎ r︎e︎c︎e︎i︎v︎i︎n︎g︎ t︎h︎i︎s︎,︎ t︎h︎i︎s︎ m︎a︎y︎ b︎e︎ t︎h︎e︎ f︎i︎r︎s︎t︎ o︎r︎ l︎a︎s︎t︎ t︎i︎m︎e︎ y︎o︎u︎’︎r︎e︎ h︎e︎a︎r︎ f︎r︎o︎m︎ m︎e︎.︎ I︎f︎ y︎o︎u︎ h︎a︎v︎e︎ t︎h︎i︎s︎ y︎o︎u︎ m︎u︎s︎t︎ w︎a︎n︎t︎ s︎o︎m︎e︎t︎h︎i︎n︎g︎ f︎r︎o︎m︎ m︎e︎.︎ B︎e︎f︎o︎r︎e︎ a︎n︎y︎m︎o︎r︎e︎ o︎f︎ m︎y︎ d︎a︎t︎a︎ b︎e︎i︎n︎g︎ c︎o︎r︎r︎u︎p︎t︎e︎d︎,︎ m︎e︎e︎t︎ m︎e︎ a︎t︎" message cuts off. I have NO ideas how all these wingdings are going to go over when I try to publish this at Smashwords so now I have to amend the "Can You Please" section on my prompts page]

Everyone has to have a hobby. When you're in a tin can only because automated systems have limits, and it's weeks in transit with little else to do but go slowly bonkers. Pack beings should not be left on their own without anything but actual work to do. It erodes the soul.

Mine was listening into and decoding old transmissions. You know the ones. Ancient radio transmissions that are more noise than signal. It's easy to transport and I have a good time unriddling what remains. Besides, the Archivaas will buy anything if you can document providence.

It's the kind of fun you grit your teeth for because it's so relaxing when you finally crack it. The feeling of elation when you figure out the riddle is worth the Sisyphean exhaustion of working out what the code even is. Trust me, it's fun. It has to be, or I wouldn't do it. Well. This particular message took the entire cookie jar. I mean, look at it. It looks like gibberish, right?

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