Monday - Day Zero

This time the import case is from Western Australia. Sigh. It keeps on keeping on, but I think the person from WA was unaware they had the plague. Unlike too many Karens going around performing potentially lethal shenanigans.

Speaking of potentially lethal:

  • After attempting trade war and threatening battle, war, and sudden death, China has realised that Australia has something they want to prevent economic collapse - it's iron. Hail to Pig Iron Bob: The Second Lot
  • Recordings have emerged that reveal the patches to EXTREME lapses of memory. Someone's in deep dookie
  • Muppet continues to claim that all votes for Biden will be fraudulent and vowing to continue on with his bullshit
  • Muppet wants a drug test before the presidential debate - also claims he will take one too. I'm betting he's going to make Melania pee in his bottle or whatever
  • Some water in the US is loaded with a brain-eating amoeba in yet another case of all regulations being written in blood. Muppet's cancellation of regulations was a genuine derp move

Today's PLNs include unfuckening, weathering a blackout because Energex is doing shenanigans, and the usual fiction du jour. Beloved did a lot of planning for the blackout visavis cables, fuel for the generator and whatnot... and then we decided to go off grid at the last instant.

I have books. I'll be fine.

BUT... I also have three hours to get my story done. Let's go.