Challenge #02820-G263: You're Adopted! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Watch it. Be amazed]

Humans may not be the only species who have weaponised music, but they are the only ones who have weaponised it so effectively. Many have known the sheer horror of thousands of Humans with their voices raised in one song. Scarier still is one Human with some impressive vocal skills.

Soprano is just one of them. The ability to project is another. Throat singing, however, is one of the more horrifying ones. It's bad enough to be in combat and facing off against one of the more terrifying Deathworlders on the Galactic rolls. Then they start growling at you.

It takes a moment to realise that this menacing rumble is coming out in a tune. That it's emerging in words. By then, the dancing has started. It's not just that it's a rhythmic display of co-ordination and fitness, it's also that it's a rhythmic display of the multitude of fighting moved the Human could use to kill you.

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