Tuesday - Day One and Shenanigans

The coels were wurruping this morning, so it's for sure going to rain. My cyclone headache continues and we're out of ibuprofen. Gotta go and get some more in bulk from a convenient chemist somewhere in my shenanigans.

Because today, I am due to do the shrink visit again so that's my window of opportunity. Also because Scatterbrain, I will be working on my Instant on my Lappy. Fingers crossed, I get things done before I must get moving. If not, though, I will be prepared.

In the headlines:

  • Riots on the slate no matter which side wins the election
  • The only difference being that the red side will be out shooting first
  • New rules for NSW that include new fines for flaunters
  • Warmest Melbourne Cup day in six years, heat wave in the north
  • AusPost CEO quits over watchgate
  • Stock market drop predicts Biden win
  • Aldi can't get enough pre-lit Christmas trees because plague
  • Tiktok now having arguments about how to put tablets in the dishwasher
  • Britain's first Covid victim dies after twenty weeks of lockdown
  • Prince William had Covid and kept it quiet until today
  • White Ibis [aka "bin chicken" or "tip turkey"] has become a menace thanks to Human actions
  • Puppies founf (alive!) inside a roadside bin in SA - what is it with Humans and dumping babies in bins these days?
  • WA Premier gives the finger to Clive Palmer just before border court case

It's almost seven. I'm going to chill for a little bit.