Challenge #02854-G297: Here's One We Made Earlier

They had left Marvin with the village he had saved through the adventure he'd done on his own. As much as it hurt Anthe to do so, and even Wraithvine felt a tugging in his heart, they knew it was the best thing for him. That village needed the young man, and he needed his home there. Him and his new wife. He'd met her when she'd joined him, Wraithvine and Anthe while they were adventuring together.

Then a message came as Marvin was sitting teaching his child how to carefully make sharp ends on posts so they were easier to put into the ground when they wanted to extend the fence around the garden. A messenger brought the letter and it was clearly written in the gentle elven hand. They were coming to visit since they were going to be in the area. They wanted to see how their young friend was fairing. -- Anon Guest

[AN: in reference to this thing with great many thanks to DaniAndShali <3 ]

"Not that way, love," Marvin gently rearranged tool and work in the five-year-old's lap. "Never point a blade at yourself, eh? Never point a blade at anything you don't want to cut. This way." He helped guide her hands. "Shallow strokes. Work with the wood. Work with the blade. Things are always easier if you work with them."

Lili reacted as if he'd just done magic, squealing in delight. "I'm gonna build the whole fence," she bragged.

"You can certainly try," he chuckled. Checking on Vee automatically. She was just toddling, and therefore prone to get into trouble that nobody anticipated. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Plop. The baby he had made with Steelfoot checked her mental notes and struggled back upright again. That was when the courier came.

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