Challenge #02855-G298: You Don't Have to Learn -- Escla

Humans love music. They love to make it, they love to have it. It punctuates their lives, helps them focus, lifts their mood, and even lulls them to sleep. It permeates their cultures and can even entertain multitudes.

It can also be highly invasive, annoying, and a form of psychological warfare, and Humans know this. Especially Human Jo, who has been captured by enemy forces and is now one among many bargaining chips in the escalating conflict. The enemy had thought things through. The walls were inedible, the ventilation shafts small, no protruding joining elements and no seams were present within the cell walls. Even the bathing facilities were impossible to sabotage. Health was monitored via a series of subtle scanners and the Human was under watch at all times.

Meals were regular, and nutritious if not flavourful. In fact, the enemy had made only one mistake. They let Human Jo have cutlery.

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