Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: FIFTY-NINE new cases, forty-nine local, ten imports. There's one hundred and ninety-seven total active cases, sixty-six of those are in hospital. Australia's paused at 93.9% first vax, but crawling ahead to 90.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still tangled with WA for last place, with 89.8% first vax, 84.7% fully vaxxed.

Crimbolio might be cancelled because of Omicron. We have to wait and see.

Ugh. I do NOT want Crimbolio to be cancelled, but nobody knows how to wear a mask and everyone's turning into a firkin snowflake Knomira. BLARGH.

Someone point me to a site that tells me good news. PLS. I need it.

Today, Patrons are getting a share link to my Trello Board for the working-title Devil's Tale. Probably at the $5 tier because it feels about right.

...I need more content for the one person who's shelling out $5 per month...

In the news:

  • Omicron warnings as nobody has a coherent response to the plague
  • Changes to the rules incoming
  • Dad parenting child sends mum a photo of baby with power tools. Not funny
  • WHO says we should be cancelling Crimbolio
  • NSW rail network shuts down
  • Musk gets a TAX BILL
  • Bitcoin may die, say experts... causing rush to buy Bitcoin
  • SA man finds winning lotto ticket whilst cleaning

Story now. Next - wrapping presents and other nonsense.