Challenge #03252-H343: A Life of Obligation

May we know of the life of Lady Duchess Pyncosorus Merrimine? What did she suffer under the tyrant? How did she react due to his cruelty towards the children she bore? What she thought / felt when the tyrant was killed? During that horrific fight? Please? -- Lessons

[CW: allusions to domestic abuse]

It is said by the wisest of minds that only a true tyrant attempts to control the natural world. Thus it was that Lord Synope Perspicacity Merrimine was not the wisest of minds. Pyncosorus had had to marry him anyway, so that the Merrimines would not back out of a deal they had made with the Faelines.

She had tried to love him, like a dutiful daughter fulfilling the will of her family. And then like a dutiful wife attempting to bring some variety of peace to her realm. It didn't go well.

Everyone knows that certain lines of Nobility carry with them the threat of Tieflings popping up in the line of succession. Some ancient ancestor made a deal with a devil for power, fame, and the like, and the mark remained evermore. So it was with the Merrimines. It wasn't Pyncosorus' fault that the twins, born holding hands, had one of them emerge as a devil. Synope blamed her, regardless.

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