Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: Eighty-six new cases, seventy-nine local, seven imports. There's two hundred and sixty-nine total active cases, seventy-five of those are in hospital. Australia's stable at 93.9% first vax, 90.6% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still tangled with WA for last place to get to 95% vaxxed, with 89.9% first vax, and 85% fully vaxxed.

Everyone wanted to open up, so now this bullshit is happening.

I forgot to do my Patreon, so today's PLN is to do that and then go off about Instant Worldbuilding in Wordpress. I also kind'a forgot about wrapping gifts. I got entangled in Satisfactory. My bad.

Today. I will not start up Satisfactory until I have my work done. So there.

It's creeping ever closer to Crimbolio, and I will not be doing very much online that day. Holiday stuff. You understand.

In the news:

  • ScoMo pushing for a hated rule to at least slow the plague down this holiday season
  • Testing clinics overflowing before 6AM
  • Star of The Block may have been a superspreader
  • Teen found naked in some buttmunch's basement
  • China up to more shenanigans, we have photos
  • Australia is roasting this Christmas
  • RNA Vaccine for Lyme Disease

Story soon. Nonsense thereafter.