Challenge #03251-H342: Learn, Guys

The leaders of Liberteria attempt to sue for the destruction of their ships and to demand their people be returned. Pax Humanis - ordered to capture, NOT kill, the criminals this time, take great pleasure in teaching the finer parts if irony. -- Anon Guest

Libertaria never truly learned sense. Much like the exploration eras of Human history, they sent more people to find out what had happened to the last people that went out and vanished. And, like most of the Human Exploration Eras, it was very rarely a, "Doctor Livingston, I presume," case[1].

They sent more warships after the first batch of warships that had tried and failed to breach Bottleneck Station, this time after what they called, "A hideous concentration-camp Dwarf Planet."

It went about as well as one might expect. Libertaria threw its best weapons and fittest people[2] at the new installation and, because they thought they could, at Bottleneck Station as well. The Hungry Caterpillar, the energy absorption network, and all the other technological advances of the Galactic Alliance stopped them in their tracks.

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