So. Vulpine was a wash-out and I immediately looked up #MSWL to find my next agent/publisher. First on the list, no waiting to cry. On to the next publisher/agent.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way.

[Shown here: Robin Hood Daffy smashing into a tree on loop]

At least Vulpine were willing to send me an email, telling me I'm too weird for their rolls. Nice of them. I sent them thanks and asked for tips. Something may come of it. I dunno.

Next on the list: D4EO Literary Agency

Sent them their sample and an ego-ridden WWAEWGD type query letter in the hopes that unending bravado will get my foot in the door where meek niceness has plainly failed. I might have gone too far towards pyramid-scheme-pamphlet but I figure it should still work.

I am, of course, screenshotting all rejections that actually come to me. Possibly including the nice tracker webpage D4EO has so I can see whether or not they've peeked at my sample.

Whee fun.

It's almost Bus O'Clock, and I wrote over 300 words yestermorn, so there is hope high for today.

...I also busted my wrist a little because of the Telephone Game shenanigans, but I'm mostly OK after a little time in the brace. Optimism. Always optimism.