1000 Rejections Project

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Two Down...

Nine hundred and Ninety-eight to go. I got a response from my last query and...

[Shown here: Rejection #2 from D4EO agency]

My writing is evidently not compelling. Okay. I was also given the tip to tell folks more about myself. Agents want to know about the authors, even when the authors think of themselves as dull.

Next to pitch towards in PSLiterary and I honestly can't remember if I've sent Adapting their way previously or no. It's a three-paragraph query letter and a Clayton's Rejection, so I'll be looking up #MSWL by this coming Monday.

I'm learning some things, at least.

I know to sell myself a little better, and I'm finessing each pitch every time. Let's see how many iterations I have to do before I get there.

I'll be mentioning my Patreon in my pitches henceforth, just in case they want to cruise by there and see what else I'm up to. Powers know I have enough content in there.

In more personal news, the family is protected from flu, and I have a cyclone migraine - so there's probably a heck of a low somewhere between here and firkin Rockhampton. Ow. Of all the possible superpowers, why did mine have to be pain-related weather detection. We have weather radar for this bullshit.

In the news:

  • Big sports star (Tennis) and his wifey ignored social distancing for a tournament and caught the plague. Imagine my shock
  • Victoria's case numbers continue to climb
  • US's cases are higher than they say they are. Shocking 9_9
  • There is a second wave... of panic-buying supplies for the next potential lockdown in Melbourne
  • Sweden's attempt to gain herd immunity by ignoring precautions has backfired... by only having a very low percentage of infected people develop immunity. I couldn't find word about how many lives were paid for this experiment
  • The border controls stopping the plague spreading to other states have been compared to Nazi Germany. Sure fella. A roadblock to make sure a plague doesn't risk others' lives is exactly like being locked in a camp and worked to death whilst also being starved to death 9_9
  • Musk is liquidating his worldly wealth? The fuck?
  • Muppet's next rally is in a church with "new technology" that will kill the virus in ten minutes. Anyone who knows anything about technology and virology already knows this is pure horseshit and is just waiting for the inevitable infection spike at this point

I'm looking forward to the weekend because those are the days I deliberately avoid these levels of nonsense. Why are so many people so firkin dumb about proceedings?


It's almost Bus O'Clock. Time for me to attempt to focus on my 300 words in my novel. And whatever other BS my brain makes me want to do today.

I have no idea what I'm going to talk about over on my Wordpress. Let's find out together.


So. Vulpine was a wash-out and I immediately looked up #MSWL to find my next agent/publisher. First on the list, no waiting to cry. On to the next publisher/agent.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way.

[Shown here: Robin Hood Daffy smashing into a tree on loop]

At least Vulpine were willing to send me an email, telling me I'm too weird for their rolls. Nice of them. I sent them thanks and asked for tips. Something may come of it. I dunno.


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