Challenge #02716-G159: An Oldie But a Goodie

The ship is being raided by pirates, you and the human locked yourselves in the storage bay. The human is applying some liquid on their skin, asking “could you help me put on the shield generator?” You assisted them asking what they trying to do. “I’m gonna do a old scare tactic” while talking they snap their fingers and flames begin to cover their arms -- Anon Guest

Humans are insane. Many people acknowledge this on an intellectual level as most Humans can carry on in Galactic Society without resorting to their... more interesting problem solving skills. I, Companion Grox, have had personal experience with it. Trust in me. Any Human can go from "almost normal" to "Deathworlder crabonkers" in an instant.

We were being raided by pirates. Human Co was the Ships' Human on duty at the time, and the others were getting the crew into their lifepods. Human Co had ideas to save the ship, the cargo, and the crew with ordinary household chemicals.

Always beware of Humans and their concoctions of unregulated chemical compounds. We were in a ventilated hold for the cargo that wasn't safe for exposure to vacuum, and Human Co was mixing things in a near frenzy with their breather already on and activated. I had to stay well away from the smell. I remember asking what ze was doing.

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