Thursday (doonk doonk)

I now have five kilograms of wholegrain wholemeal stoneground flour so now I can make the super-healthiest of baked goods. Whee.

I'm going to look up some sourdough treats and see if I can make something wholesome that Chaos will actually want to eat at school. I may even get her to help a little. I live in hope.

Meanwhile, in the 'despair' portion of life as it happens:

  • There's a new outbreak of a mutated strain of Covid-19, or it's a new strain of Coronavirus entirely
  • Businesses are gung-ho about re-opening
  • An administrator in the states has BANNED mask-wearing in flagrant disregard for life and the preservation thereof [Calling it now, he's also made abortions more inaccessible because he's "pro life"]
  • More people are upset about the destruction of statues to white slavers and other racists than they are about the destruction of Native Sacred Sites
  • RIO FUCKING TINTO is on record saying that they don't regret destroying Native Australian heritage
  • The Muppet is actually quiet for a change! Colour me surprised. Either that or the news has decided that his unhinged ramblings are no longer fit for repetition and are ignoring him

I shall be looking up tasty sourdough treats to make instead of bread since everyone is sick of bread. That's my quest today.

I am also going to make myself schedule an appointment for myself, Chaos, and Mayhem, to all get our 'Flu jabs this year. Possibly overdue, but we've been isolated enough to not actually catch anything.

We should be okay.

I can do the thing. Let's go.