Challenge #02715-G158: A Delicate Mist

"They played us like a violin!”

“Actually violins are quite difficult to play, I played you like the cheap kazoo you are" -- Anon Guest

There is a vertiginous feeling to being betrayed. It's worse than falling because the damage has been done before the sinking of the heart even begins. It's the realisation that kills. It kills trust. It kills faith. It kills hope. Once those are dead, there is very little left to lose.

Nevertheless, there are those who insist on twisting the knife whilst their victim is down. This one smiled indulgently as their victim said, "You played me like a violin." They believed their victim to be powerless and vulnerable. Ready to break in an instant. All they needed, the villain reasoned, was one final push to fall apart.

"My dear," they said with the same fake adoration they had used all the time. "Violins are troublesome instruments to learn and play. I played you like the cheap kazoo you are."

The victim had nothing left to lose. With nothing to lose, there was nothing to fear. They did still possess a weapon and as their heart fell to breaking, they lashed out.

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