Thursday, William Tell Overture

Today is Mayhem's bifdy and what he gets on graduating to official adulthood is working for his keep. If he can't pay rent, he pays sweat equity.

Welcome to adulting, kiddo. Nobody rides for free.

My PLNs today involve travelling down to MeMum's, taking her shopping for nonsense whilst Mayhem does the tech support. He's already demonstrated that I can't trust him to wait for Miss Chaos, so...

I'm taking him with me and that cuts my time in half. Blargh. BUT... two more hands.


I may be returning for the same stuff on other days. It's going to be rough because Capt S is fading away and Beloved is busy with shenanigans related to that...

Everything's piling up and I'm orbiting the burnout crater and trying my best... but my best feels insufficient to the needs and expectations.

Onwards, regardless. All I can do is keep moving forward.