Challenge #03525-I237: Unfair Friendly Contest

While Wraithvine and friends stayed at a local Inn, the weather being too rainy and stormy to travel for the evening, some friendly warriors challenge Wraithvine to a drinking contest. Why? Just for giggles tonight, to have some fun. -- Anon Guest

"Are you certain?" said Wraithvine. Most of hir companions were fast asleep and the few who were awake were drowsing off to the sound of rain. It was looking to be a very boring day and there were no children to pass stories to.

"Just a bit o' fun, Elf," said the brigand named Bruess. "No quarrels, we swear."

"Yeh we get paid t' make others bleed, and ain't been given gold," said Korb. "Tell you what. We give th' barman all our blades and just drink until we all fall down. Good clean fun."

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