Friday, Catching up?

Beloved is off to work. The fam does not expect much of me, so today - energy willing - I shall be doing the "normal" routine.

Starting with a chamber of dungeon, since I've not done any of that for a significant time. I shall then clean out the catio since that also needs to be done and then either filter ten more publishers (quick) or edit ten more chapters of Adapting (bloody slow).

Between those two writing processes, I shall make The Bikkie and consume it too.

Only THEN will I have time to play. Allegedly. I do also need to extract Chaos' camp stuff from the dryer and pack it back into her bag. Blargh.

So much to do. So little energy.

Thanks to another game of D&D, I now play late into Thursday night, so now Friday's stream is happening much later. Because I am an organic life form and sleep is necessary.

Onwards. I have nonsense to accomplish.