Thursday, Chambering and Shenanigans

Having company whilst building chambers in TaleSpire is way more productive for the building of said chambers. It's easier to do things with company.

This set of chambers is going to be waterlogged and I need to check and see if the Kobold will drown when the water is where the book says it will be.

It's my universe. I decide who drowns.


Yesterday, my love and I tried to reach a Fish and Chippery called Yabby Road. Alas, it was shut. So we went to the next-nearest place that had deep fried mars bars.

It was feast day. Don't look at me in that tone of voice.

I also interested Beloved in everyone's favourite Gay Pirate Show, Our Flag Means Death. Two episodes so far and she seems to be enjoying it. Excellent. I shall have someone to rant with. Mua haha.

The rains have started in again. I anticipate more early home hours for Miss Chaos. Assuming school doesn't cancel outright.

AND it's Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, so there may be lung trouble on top. Huzzah.

BUT I also have a story for you so you win.